Happy New Year for 2014!!

Well, Mark, the kids and I just about made it to midnight. To be honest I didn’t think I would. As we were waiting for the minutes to pass by, we watched “Life of Pi”, which we had on the Sky Planner. It’s a very good film, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We never saw it in the cinema, so it was good to sit down as a family and watch it all together. Now the kids are older, we can watch more interesting films with them…not that the kids films are boring. Once midnight struck, we all wished each other a “Happy New Year”, then the fireworks in London started, so I watched the first few minutes, then got the kids a drink to take to bed. When I got back the fireworks were still going, but that was enough for me. I went to bed as I could barely keep my eyes open. The kids soon followed once the fireworks had finished, then Mark a bit later. The next thing I knew it was the morning and the clock said just after 9am!! So after a leisurely cup of tea in bed, we got up for breakfast. We had roast pork for just after 2pm (oh I can do some mean crackling), then a rest before lemon meringue pie for pudding. Later in the afternoon we played “Absolute Balderdash”. This is one of Georges’ favourite games at the moment…that and “Pointless”. We wanted to go out for a walk at some point during the day, but a gale was blowing and the rain was persisting down, so that wasn’t going to happen. So after our game, it was time to sit down and watch some telly before bed time, which was 9pm. Yes we’re light weights, well I am anyway. Don’t tell me what happened on Sherlock, we’ll be watching THAT tonight!! Happy New Year to you all x x x x

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  1. Carmen says:

    Baked and decorated loads of New Year’s Eve cookies with my 30 month old old grandson. Made lanterns from clear plastic tubs as holders and pop bottle bottoms as lids; placed LED pillar candles inside. We took grandson on a Lantern Walk through our allotment site as it got dark; he looooved it and kept saying, “Come on everybody”. (wish I could add a photo of him here) We fed the allotment cats and kittens and made wishes looking up at the many bright stars in the clear blue sky. Then walked back home. Once my grandson was in bed, we enjoyed some “retro drinks”, Watched Robbie Williams & Jools Holland (alternated until midnight). Went outside to cheer neighbours along our street and share champagne & chocolates. Then Movies until 4am. Up again at 8:30am for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs breakfast with toddler grandson and guests. *** Love Christmastide *** And now, my allotment shed is leaking because the gales have blown away part of its felt roof… Happy New Year! 🙂

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