Oh no, I’ve completely lost my voice!

Well that’s never happened before! And a rather weird sensation I have to admit. It all started on Wednesday morning when my voice was a little, shall we say “croaky” I was working with some kids all day and it got worse and worse, by the afternoon there was hardly any oomph in it at all, but I soldiered on. By the time I got home early evening time it was tricky to understand me, and I couldn’t raise the volume of my voice at all, otherwise it wouldn’t work. Thursday and Friday it had gone completely and even if I tried to speak quietly it came out like a honking goose sound. I tried to answer the phone when my sister called and she thought she’d dealt the wrong number (maybe a sex line or something of that sort)? I’d just like to add that I’ve never called one of those numbers, so I’m only guessing. Now we’re on Saturday and it’s slowly coming back, but I still can’t raise my voice in anyway as it still goes all weird. I’ve had a bit of a cold, but very minor, a mild sore throat, but a very bad cough that makes me sound like a smoker first thing in the morning. I’ve not been to the doctor yet (don’t judge me, I’ve not had time), but if I still can’t speak much on Monday I’ll make an appointment. I was going to make a new allotment video on Thursday, but that couldn’t happen as I’d either have to have subtitles on the bottom of the screen, or a little person in the corner doing sign language moves. As soon as I get my voice back I’ll make that video.

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