Oh the price of houses these days….

It’s amazing to see the difference in house prices across the UK. It seems the further north you go, the more you get for your money. And what AND lounge, and at least 4 bedrooms, with a bigger garden to fit in my vegetable patch, fruit patch and little orchard. With enough room for some chickens and 3 pigs. But in the south east that’ll cost you a fortune! Unfortunately loving further north is a bit of a distance for the kids to travel to school. Click here to see what you can get. Personally I like the 2.8 acres in Bolton, or the 18th century house WITH LAKE!! Still I can dream.

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3 Responses to Oh the price of houses these days….

  1. lovely post Claire thanks for sharing

  2. veggieman says:

    Our house up here in the Shetland Islands is up for sale right now. Excellent value also !

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