Tuesday 5th November 2013 – At least 1 tonne of manure!

My wonderful friend Clair has a horse at the stables where I get my manure from. She’s helped me out before with transporting some manure in a trailer from the stables to my allotment plot. A little while ago, I asked if she could do me the same favour. So today she got the trailer loaded up, and hooked up to the back of her car (we don’t have a tow bar on our car, just incase you were wondering). And off we went to my plot to off load my gardeners gold! As we stood in the trailer shovelling out the manure into a rather sizeable heap, I asked her how much she reckoned it all weighed. Turns our it’s about a tonne of manure that can fit in the trailer! That a lot of poo if you really think about it. Not enough to cover all the beds in my plot, but it’s a start. When I’ve spread that lot about, she’ll get me some more. It must have taken us about 45 minutes to empty the trailer, then Clair left to do the school run, and I stayed for another 30 minutes to start spreading what I could. I think I did about 5 barrow loads. It then got to the point where my back was telling me to stop, as it had had enough, and needed to stop. After a hot bath, I think I dozed off about 9.30pm.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 5th November 2013 – At least 1 tonne of manure!

  1. Kevin says:

    Had 15 tones earlier this year…. I know the feeling. Apparently mixed manure is the best as it has more nutrients but I’m not eating it to test it lol

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