The Pumpkin and treats are done!

Well George and I have just spent most of the afternoon carving my 2 Pumpkins and icing the treats for tonight. He was very helpful, and told me that my Pumpkin looked “Gross”…which is what I was going for. I did pinch the idea from my friend Aimee who sent me a very disturbing Pumpkin picture, and adapted it for my 2 babies. The treats are completely my idea. They are little doughnuts, that I made myself this morning, then iced them and put little ghosts on top. I’ve got 41, so hopefully that’ll suffice. It depends on the weather to how many come knocking, but if there are any left, then we’ll (or the kids) will eat them. Just got to get George dressed up later, he’s going as Sean of the Dead, with a cricket bat. Needless to say, that’s why I’m going round with him tonight, as the bat can be classes as a weapon. Mark will stay at home with Emily, who doesn’t really like dressing up thing. It’s got nothing to do with her age, but the fact that she doesn’t like face makeup. Anyway, if you’re going out, be safe, have fun, and get lots of treats. Hope you enjoy the photos.

My 2 Pumpkins afterward....PUSH!!!

My 2 Pumpkins afterward….PUSH!!!


Hallowe'en treats...yum, yum.

Hallowe’en treats…yum, yum.

My 2 Pumpkins before....

My 2 Pumpkins before….
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