Thursday 12th September 2013 – Lots more harvested, and my goodies box got very heavy.

I’m a strong little soul as you can most probably imagine, especially with bell ringing, and all that digging on the allotment. But what I harvested today even put my muscles to the test. I managed to harvest all my Kohl Rabi, some Cabbage, Garlic (yes I know that’s not heavy), some Gagat Squash, Courgettes, and a load more Potatoes. It was a bit of a balancing act getting the box to the car, and then to the house, but I managed. I did have to stop and put my box down several times, and the handles of the plastic box were hurting my hands, but what a haul that was. I’m now gradually working through each bed, and harvesting those that are ready, and pulling out anything that is finished. then it’s manure time….so exciting!!

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