Sunday 21st July 2013 – Tidying the back garden is just like playing the board game Dungeons and Dragons.

Well today started a little on the overcast side, but as the day progressed the sun came out and the sun shone brightly. First of all this morning I made a little video about my tomato tree. You need quiet when you’re recording, and I thought sunday morning would be the perfect time, let’s just say I managed to squeeze it in. Then this afternoon I managed to tidy more of the back garden. You trim down a certain amount and then have to tidy that section away, then water. It does take a long time, but then you know how meticulous I can be. If you don’t time it right the spiders find you attractive and you have to try again later. This is just like playing George’s new board game “Dungeons and Dragons”. How may times did I try and fight some ugly thing, and fail miserably. To be honest I lost count. Anyway after playing enough out in the garden and fighting weird monsters, I sat down on a garden chair, hiding behind some washing drying in the sun, and dipped my feet in the paddling pool. The perfect end to the perfect day.

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