Wednesday 12th June 2013 – I need some new gardening gloves.

Yes I know I go through gloves like there’s not tomorrow, but I’ve not yet warn these gloves through, but they really smell!! I think my hands have been sweating so much in them, that they’re now rank, poo! I’ll be popping out this afternoon to our local Sainsbury’s, so as I pass I’ll pop into Homebase to purchase a sweeter smelling pair. I’ll keep the other ones as a standby pair just incase. I had great fun this morning, hard work, but fun. I’ve now finished digging over one of the old strawberry beds, so now I’ll add some manure and then pop in some brassicas (I’ve got some waiting, and yes there are more cabbages). I’ve also started to systematically go through each bed, weeding and then watering. It’s slow progress, but I’ll get there. Oh and I also picked 4 strawberries today. So that’s one each for pudding.

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9 Responses to Wednesday 12th June 2013 – I need some new gardening gloves.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    lovely post what are your gloves made of I always pop mine in the washing machine or wash out by hand and hang out on the line

    • I think they can be washed, but the state that I get them in, I think the washing machine would refuse to wash them. I use them every day, so they’re just used too much I think. They’re not expensive. I may buy a couple of pairs, so I have a spare clean pair about just incase.

  2. Hello Claire,

    I love your posts. You’ve helped me become a better gardener for sure. I have this dilemma with my heirloom tomatoes. I planted 2 heirlooms and they have lots of blooms but they keep drying out and falling off. What in the world could it be?


    • When the flowers come out, give them a quick spray with water from a hand held sprayer. It sounds like the flowers aren’t “setting”. Which means they won’t make fruit. Could be because the soil is a little dry, or they need feeding with tomato feed, or the humidity isn’t right. Spraying them a little will help, you may have to do it several times.

  3. Jen says:

    Are there any plants that you have there like poison ivy or oak, or stinging nettle? We also have a vine called Greenbrier (Cat’sbrier) that has sharp thorns along the stem. It is edible but so are nettles I hear.

    • We have stinging nettle, which you can pick when they’re small and their sting hasn’t developed yet. Once they get too big they hurt. I’ve got some in my garden, but I leave them for the butterflies to eat (Peacock and Red Admiral). They’re at the back of the garden, so they don’t bother anyone. You can also make nettle tea with them, but I’ve not tried that, not sure if I will. I prefer red berry tea.

  4. DavidF says:

    Hello Claire

    All sounds good , can you recommend a purple sprouting broccoli to sow now for eating before Christmas



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