Planting out popcorn fiesta – Claire’s Allotment part 210

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3 Responses to Planting out popcorn fiesta – Claire’s Allotment part 210

  1. James Walker says:

    Hi again Claire – and other Claire followers . . does anyone have a list of all the Claire’s Allotment videos? ie Part 1 Introduction. Part 2 Digging Out. Part 3 Manure. etc . . I just need it for easy reference so I can look back to make sure I’m doing things properly. Big help if you do. Meanwhile, my garden is looking wonderful thanks Claire – there’s so much to do but every little bit is a joy. Sorry to witter on . . if anyone out there could help with the above I would be very grateful. Thanks again . . James

    • Even I don’t know what order they come in, sorry. But you can find them all on my channel, and they have the parts, so you can match up the parts for the same veg. That’s all I can suggest really. I’m so glad that your garden is looking so wonderful, just remember you’ve done all the hard work, I’ve just made suggestions. As for your “Incredible Edible”, good luck with that, and if you have any questions just ask. Claire.

  2. James Walker says:

    . . . can anyone help? please? I am hoping to help an “Incredible Edibles” scheme here in Wirral and it would be a big help. Thanks

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