Thursday 6th June 2013 – Onions, Leeks, and Raised beds.

Another glorious day today, sorry if it’s raining where you are, so I won’t brag anymore…maybe just a bit. Now this morning I had planned to start sorting out the raised beds, but the nails I took down weren’t quite long enough, so I could only make one bed, and then when I’d finished on the allotment I went to Wickes to get some longer nails. In the mean time I kept my self busy with planting in my Leeks “Below Zero” and my Onions from seed “Bedfordshire Champion”. They’d both grown really well, so I found the perfect spot for them. I also sowed another row of Radish “Jutrzenka” as the previous ones I’ve sown have done really well, and I keep eating them. I also harvest a load more Rhubarb, some Radish and some Oriental Stir Fry leaves. So all in all a very productive day. I was brave and put my shorts on this morning, and as it was 22 degrees I had to use some sun cream. First time for me this year. Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely again, so I’ll give you one guess as to where I’ll be.

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