Wednesday 5th June 2013 – And then they were gone.

Well at just before 8.45am this morning my little birds started to fledge. Once one went, all the rest followed. The parents fed them this morning, and then they had to take the plunge. They’re still flying around the garden to practice flying. And like kids they seem to get into all sorts of trouble. Two have already flown into the greenhouse, but managed to find their own way out. I can’t close the greenhouse as there is one on the paving slab right by the entrance. One tried to hang onto the netting of the trampoline, but found that difficult. The parents keep calling to them, and they keep replying. Hopefully they’ll fly away soon, and be able to keep out of the way of that black cat! The nesting box is all empty now, so in the autumn I’ll empty and clean it, so it’s ready for next year. It’ll all be quiet when I’m in the greenhouse.

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3 Responses to Wednesday 5th June 2013 – And then they were gone.

  1. lindasgarden says:

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    awesome post

  2. Irene E. from Piraeus (Ειρήνη Ε.) says:

    After 10 days without internet connection, I had to read all your recent posts at once!!! So, little birds are growing so well and quick. I am sure, you feel happy and proud of them! Now, it’s time , “to explore” the world around them and collect experience. Good luck to them!
    Irene E. from Piraeus.

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