Monday 20th May 2013 – Day spent tidying the front garden.

Well the weather was a bit crap today, so going down the allotment would have been a disaster, so instead I had the wonderful job of giving the front garden a bit of a tidy up and put a few plants in. I’ve got a bare (not bear) spot on one side by the house. I’ve had plants in that spot before, and the robust ones have done well, but the delicates haven’t. One on the kids that side isn’t too careful when he throws a ball, so the prickly rose does well. So I got some Crocosmia a while back and they’ve been sitting on soil in 3 inch pots growing a bit before I put them out. So today I filled in all the bare gaps and had some left so planted the rest in a little space next to the greenhouse. Hopefully they’ll be able to cope with the balls that come over from next door, otherwise I’ll have to plant more roses with bigger prickles.

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