Thursday 16th May 2013 – Has a slight frost last night on the site.

Well I was out last night, and didn’t realise that it was that cold, but when I looked at my potatoes this morning they’d got a bit of frost damage. Not to worry, as it was only a little bit. The site is in a frost pocket. I only live about half a mile away and we didn’t have any at home. Well it was an enjoyable morning, I’m half way through digging the final bed on one of my plots, so it’s starting to feel like I’m getting somewhere. The weeds are starting to come back, so it’s going to be the endless task of starting at one end and weeding through, then when you get to the end, starting back at the beginning again. It’s what I call “Painting the Golden Gate Bridge syndrome”. You’ll be please to hear that my little babies are doing really well. It looks like all the eggs have hatched, and they seem to be growing fast. They still haven’t opened their eyes, but they’re keeping their parents busy by demanding food all the time. A bit like our son George…”Can I have an apple” is his favourite phrase.

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