Wednesday 15th May 2013 – Afternoon spent in the greenhouse pottering about.

I’m still waiting for the migraine that came on on Monday to finally go. So going down the allotment when I can barely think straight isn’t the right place to be. Yesterday was basically wasted because of it, so I thought the best thing to do today would be to potter about in the greenhouse as that’s not very taxing on my little brain. I’ve managed to pot up some ornamental grasses that are going in my sister in laws garden. We sorted her garden out a while back, and got rid of so much crap, and it’s starting to look really good now, but there are still some holes that need to be filled up. Also I’ve potted up my Brussels Sprouts “Falstaff” and “Trafalgar”. They seem to have grown really well, so hopefully we’ll have lots of windy brussels for Christmas. And then finally some Broccoli “Red Arrow”. The greenhouse has been closed for the last few days because of the weather, so the humidity has got quite high and the plants are loving it. The cabbages are ready to go out, so I need to go and buy some good netting to protect them. Tomorrow hopefully my head will be back to normal and I’ll be back on the allotment and back to my normal self. Better be, I’ve lost 2 days and I’m not amused!

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4 Responses to Wednesday 15th May 2013 – Afternoon spent in the greenhouse pottering about.

  1. take your time and resume your activities gently

  2. lindasgarden says:

    Sorry to here your poorly like Marc has said take it easy the plants will understand how are your chicks doing ?

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