Tuesday 14th May 2013 – My babies have arrived!!

Now I usually plug the bird camera into the back of the TV after everyone has gone, but this morning I plugged it in before they went, and I’m so glad I did. There they were about 5 little baby birds that must have hatched either last night, or first thing this morning. There are still about 3 eggs that have not hatched so far, but I expect they’ll hatch sometime very soon. They were squirming about, and you could make out their tiny wings, beaks and bottoms. I’ll be taking some footage later on, so look out for that. The parents have been very busy coming in and out and both have been in the box together most of the time. As Mark said “You’re a granny!” At 39 that’s a bit early.

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7 Responses to Tuesday 14th May 2013 – My babies have arrived!!

  1. Annette says:


  2. James Walker says:

    oh how lovely . . . . we are chuffed!! – can’t wait to tell Jen . . . Jen & James x

  3. Congratulations granny !

  4. lindasgarden says:

    Congratulations Claire I can ot wait for mine I still have only 5 eggs at the moment

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