Monday 13th May 2013 – Still windy, but that won’t stop me.

The windy has subsided a little, but it’s still too cold for May. The sun comes and goes, and it’s very hard to believe that last Monday we had a BBQ and sat outside and ate, and the temperature was 24! Hopefully it’ll warm up again soon and the wind will calm down. I’m a bit worried about several fence posts in the garden, 2 have already broken, and are being propped up, I hope more don’t go. We’re going to get it all replaced soon, but I hope it lasts til then.  I did spend a pleasant morning on my plot, finishing another bed which had last years leeks in. I’ve now harvested them all and they’ll go in dinners in replacement of the onions. Leeks can stay in the ground until you’re ready for them, as they tend not to get spoilt by the cold. Mine have been in all winter, and they’re fine. Also, just to let you know that I’ve not forgotten to tell you about my little birdies, but nothing new has happened lately, she’s still sitting on her eggs, and there are still 8 of them. I’m hoping in about a weeks time they will start to hatch, maybe sooner, but fear not I’ll let you know.

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4 Responses to Monday 13th May 2013 – Still windy, but that won’t stop me.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    awesome my blue tit is laying on 5 eggs now

  2. after a torrid week, 2cm of snow this morning on the ground. Brrrrrr or Grrrrr

    Do you have any pictures or video of your nursery a bird

    • Snow in May, oh my! Yes I do have some footage of my birdies. Mark will be sorting it out tomorrow evening. He’s out tonight, and I wouldn’t know where to start with editing.

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