Thursday 9th May 2013 – Windy day, and no it’s not me!

Well the temperature has plummeted from 20 to 13! I was just getting used to the warmth, and then it disappeared. So it’s back in trousers and a jumper and no suncream for the moment. I managed to dig another bed and a half this morning. I had to buy some new gardening trainers, as mine had holes in the side and dirt kept getting in. I only wanted a cheap pair so I christened them this morning on the allotment and now they’re not white, but dirty white. It’s very windy today, and heavy showers. I just got in the car to come home, and it started to rain, so that was planned perfectly. The greenhouse is being kept closed today because of the wind, but there are various plant pots that have been blown around the garden, so I’ll have to go and retrieve them later. The potatoes are coming through the soil, and various other seedlings, so it’s looking good, although a little slow.

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6 Responses to Thursday 9th May 2013 – Windy day, and no it’s not me!

  1. david gray says:

    The flat lands of South Lincs is feeling the the wind bad now too. Hoping the plants that i already have in will be fine, only planted out 2 rows of sweetcorn at the start of the week as they were getting around 6-8in high. Oh, by the way Claire those Pineberries i told you about. Well my visit to the local garden centre over bank hoiiday was a joy. I found these in plant form and they were just £1 each 🙂

    • I’m so glad you found Pine berries. And at a really reasonable price. How many did you get? Mine are quite settled in their Belfast sink, and they’ve already got flowers on them. I’m looking forward to tasting them later on in the year.

  2. Angela Daniele says:

    Pleased to hear you say the plants in the greenhouse are slow as I was getting worried about mine, when I looked back at photos of plants I did last year at this time of year, they were alot further on, even though we had a terrible few months last year. Keep up the good work, I have learnt soooooooooo much from you x

    • Now some of the plants in the greenhouse are getting too big, and need to go outside, but they’re tender ones and need to wait until June. The early part of last year we were spoilt with the weather, then it all turned and was nasty. Hopefully the slow start will mean a long hot summer.

  3. 5000 km away, this is the same weather, fun! thank you for your advice and statements of souls

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