Wednesday 1st May 2013 – So many stones.

Now when I took on my 2nd plot, there was a little part of it that had thousands, (yes I really do mean thousands) of stones in one place. I’ve never figured out why they were there, but no one was on that plot all the time I’ve been there. It makes digging really difficult, especially with the large fork. But over the years I’ve removed hundreds of them, hoping that it would make it better. But today I finished digging that bed and still removed enough to fill up half a car tyre. They seem to go down a really long way, and I doubt if I’ll ever be completely clear of them. But when I got home I plugged the camera in and saw the female tit sitting in the box, and the male came in and fed her an insect of some sort. She doesn’t usually nest during the day, so I’m thinking that hatching time is very soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. linda says:

    awesome news

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