Potting up chop suey greens – Claire’s Allotment part 195

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2 Responses to Potting up chop suey greens – Claire’s Allotment part 195

  1. DavidF says:

    Hello Claire

    Good news about the eggs. I have a
    Question , wondered if you or any bloggers may be able to help . For planting can you use compost over and over again for container gardening if you top up with nutrients / fertiliser / feed etc etc . I live in a place that is infested with wild garlic , hence container growing and live in a difficult place to ship in constantly bags of compost !

    Cheers David

    • Hi David,
      If you’re sowing new seeds, then you need to sow in brand new compost because it’s sterile, and also water with tap water. When the plants are repotted then you don’t have to be so fussy. Still put in fresh compost, but they can then be watered with rain or grey water. If you’ve got lots of pots, then you can grow the plants in the same soil/compost that is already in there. But before planting add a little fertiliser in the soil. It will just give it a boost.
      Treat them like children, when they’re babies they need lots of looking after, and the older they get the more robust they become.
      Hope that helps,

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