Thursday 25th April 2013 – Muck spreading and weeding.

Another beautiful day on the plot, but the rain is coming in tonight and then it’s going to turn much colder. We do need the rain as the soil is getting very hard. But despite that I managed to dig nearly another bed and got a few bean poles up. I think I’m going to have to go and buy some rome 8ft poles as I’ve not got many. But that’s not an emergency as the beans won’t get planted out until the beginning of June. We’ve had a bit of manure delivered on site, so I got a bit and put some round the strawberries and gooseberry bushes, so hopefully the worms will do their job and take it down. As I was digging I missed the fork with my foot and nearly fell head first into the ground. No one saw, so that’s ok. I’ll go and see if anything needs doing in the greenhouse, but first I need to water the front garden. I’ve now got my Butt Pump out and am using grey water to water the garden with.

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11 Responses to Thursday 25th April 2013 – Muck spreading and weeding.

  1. Clay Lueckemeyer says:

    I was wondering how big your garden beds are,dimensionally?

    • I’ve got 320 sqm of allotment space, and all the beds are various sizes, so it’s difficult to say really. As I was digging them I stopped when I’d had enough and made a path. the flower bed at home is 3 feet deep and about 20 ft long, and then a herb patch which is 4 ft deep and 6 ft long. I then have pots on the patio and some small beds out the front. When everything’s in bloom I’ll do a video tour.

  2. linda says:


  3. Julie Scott says:

    Ive just got my allottment so its all trial and error, I propergated some broad beans not realising they like a cool room and could have gone out ages ago so theyve gone leggy and floppy will they survive if I put them out now and tie them to canes also you mentioned not putting your runner beans out till beginning of june Ive made another mistake and propergated my runners too early, its been a long winter so far too cold to go out will they be ok on the window sill till june

    • Broad Beans are very robust, some you can sow in the late autumn, and they stay fine in the soil until the Spring. They should be ok once they’re out in the soil, they’ll harden off. When you come to sowing your runner/french beans, don’t sow them until 2 – 3 weeks before they’re going to go outside. I made that mistake one year, and planted too early. I know on the packet it says to plant in March/April, but it’s just too early. Don’t worry, it they’re growing in the greenhouse, just leave them inside, and they’ll just have to grow inside for this year. We all learn something new each year, and all make some mistake of some sort. I still do.

  4. david gray says:

    Cold night with frost here in South Lincs Claire. I’ve had to cover over all my beds once again to protect what is in. Fingers crossed that will do the trick. Had a full afternoon yesterday potting on several plants. Then its come to light that i have got around 20 sweet pepper plants, Oops !! Guess i am not the only one to get carried away when opening a packet of seeds, ha.

    • I hope your peppers did well this year. When it finally warmed up it was the perfect weather for them. Now it’s September, its that time to clear the plot, and start planning for next years planting.

  5. stevemoulson says:

    That made me chuckle you missing the fork and nearly falling flat on the floor,it’s like when your walking down the street and you trip then pretend your running.

  6. vivi12blog says:

    Dear Claire,
    I’ve planted strawberries in my garden and they are just now started ripening . The problem I’m having is just as the strawberries are turning red it seems something is eating them. What could I do?


    • It could be the birds eating them. Try covering the strawberries with netting, and hopefully that’ll help. Also keep the soil around the plants free from debris, as this will attract the slugs and snails.

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