Wednesday 24th April 2013 – Lots of potting up.

Well I was busy this afternoon in the greenhouse. Lots of seedlings needed to be potted up, so armed with 3 inch pots, compost and a watering can I ploughed through. I did make a couple of films in the process as the Chop Suey Greens and the Oriental Stir Fry which include “Mizuna Japanese Greens”, “Chinese Mustard Giant Red” and “Tatsoi Yukina Savoy” were all ready for the next stage. I then glanced round and noticed that my Golden Dawn Courgettes were ready for their individual pots and also my Spaghetti Squash. It’s all looking good, and growing well.

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4 Responses to Wednesday 24th April 2013 – Lots of potting up.

  1. Nicola says:

    Hi, do you have a heated greenhouse, i an undecided if it is too early to put my tomatoes in an unheated greenhouse, they are getting quite big for the window sill., shall i risk it???? i dont know

    • No I don’t have a heated greenhouse. It’s just the sun that warms it up for me. Mine are growing fine in my greenhouse. They’re quite robust plants, so I would put them in. If a hard frost of forecast then either move them back inside just for the night or move then to a lower level in the greenhouse so they’re more protected. I’m assuming you have a glass greenhouse?

  2. Haven’t sown my Squash or Pumpkins yet. Will have to find a bit of room on the windowsill to do so this weekend. Come to think of it, I haven’t done Cue’s yet either, blimey, I better get a move on!

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