Monday 22nd April 2013 – All the onions are finally in.

Well I finished digging the bed that the onions were in, and got the last 46 in, so that’s them all in. Just the shallots to go now, which will have to be tomorrow. But I’ve got to turn the bed over before I plant them. It’s getting there, slowly but surely, but I’ve got to do something to keep myself out of mischief.

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6 Responses to Monday 22nd April 2013 – All the onions are finally in.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    Awesome post as always I been busy two tell you shortly

  2. David says:

    Hi Clair.
    Although I give up my allotment last year due to work commitments, I have started a patch at home. Complete with four beds which I will be rotating, a greenhouse,shed, several raised beds and chickens to arrive soon.
    Clair, your videos and posts are an inspiration to me and I look for them daily. Please keep them coming.
    Btw, I just beat you with planting my onions by two days…lol…

    • Hi David,
      At leaset you’ve got a little space to grow some plants at home. Sounds like you’ve got a good set up with your shed and stuff. How many chickens are you getting? I so want to have some, but I’ve just not got the room, and I won’t have them on the allotment because of the foxes, and those who keep chickens on the site get them stolen. Well done with your onions. I’ve now got the shallots in also and everything else for this month. So until the next lot of planting in 2 weeks or so I’ll be clearing the rest of the beds and getting the canes in for the beans.

      • David says:

        Hi Clair,
        I’m currently in the process of revamping the veg/fruit part of the garden. The new fence went up on Monday, the shed should be up by the weekend, the greenhouse is in full swing with plants and seelings galour, the 4 beds and raised beds are coming on too So its all work on progress at the moment. As for the chickens, I think, because of the size of the garden, 3 or 4 to start with. But I want to learn more about them, how to properly care for them first, best diet, best housing etc before I buy them.
        I’m not growing Shallots this year, simply because that bed will be full of onions, garlic and leeks this year. Maybe next year I will need to increase the size or number of beds.
        I’m puttting the canes in tomorow afternoon/evenig for the peans and beans, I have plants now positivley itching to be planted and squirm their way skywards.

  3. I love starting a garden from scratch. It’s so much fun to plan where everything is going to go. Then when it’s all done, you can step back and say “I did all that!” It’s a very proud moment. Chicken are fairly easy to look after. As long as they have a sturdy house, some hay inside, a nesting box, and some good food they’re happy. They like to have a run round outside, so if you’ve got a run they can go in, brilliant! The houses that you can get hold of today are a little expensive, but really great. When my parents had some, every now and then you’d have to give them special grit to eat to keep their shells strong. Not sure if the same is done today. Let me know how you get on with them. My greenhouse is looking like something from Day of the Triffids. But they’re slowly going out into the allotment.

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