Saturday 20th April 2013 – Busy, busy day.

Well I’ve spent most of the morning and most of the afternoon in the greenhouse re-arranging and potting up loads of seedlings. The greenhouse is getting very full now, but I’ve still got lots more to do. I’ve potted up all my sunflowers, which I haven’t a clue what varieties they are, hopefully a mixture, but I’ll just have to wait and see. Also all my “Hawk” Butternut squash, my “Gagat” squash, some “Savoy” cabbage and all my “Money Maker” tomatoes. My hands are really dry and rough now, so a serious amount of hand cream is needed, then a sit down in the lovely sunshine with some alcohol, (well it is the weekend, and I’ve worked very hard). That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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4 Responses to Saturday 20th April 2013 – Busy, busy day.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    you do deserve it after all the hard work you have done today

    • I’m so glad you agree.

      • paul says:

        Snap me the same its a dizzy 17c here and i needed a sun hat lots to do but had time to catch up on your vids claire. my mate came around and gave me some unusual plants ladys finger okra, banana sweet pepper, and flying saucer squash yellow and also pearl drop yellow toms, and my money makers are doing well in this sunshine.

  2. I’ve grown okra before. It needs heat to grow so make sure you have it in a warm sunny place. I tried to find some this year, but looked everywhere and no luck. Banana peppers are lovely, I’ve grown those before also, they’re a pale yellow colour. Watch blight with your tomatoes, so either grow them in the greenhouse or under cover outside. It’s humid and wet that sets off blight. Have fun.

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