Saw this letter in this weeks Radio Times.

What a shame.

What a shame.

Such a shame that Joe didn’t keep up his allotment, but you know where to come for regular updates, don’t you?

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9 Responses to Saw this letter in this weeks Radio Times.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    Awesome post and yes it is a shame Joe did not keep it up

  2. beginagain2a says:

    yes it is a great shame, anyone might come to think it was just an exercise in order to create articles for tv and books!

  3. Hmmm, I may be cynical but how many people would have taken that on and stuck with it? Seems with long waiting lists for allotments that this was just a publicity exercise to write a book rather than a way of life. I like Joe, I like his ideas but always felt the allotment was more to do with GW trying to keep up with what viewers wanted rather than it being a true desire. That is seen in the response in the letter, ‘channelled all he learnt into the BBC book, Joe’s allotment’. Seriously, we had an allotment for many years, we now have a big plot and I am still learning. What did Joe learn in such a short time? Allotments are vibrant communities, and I would have been more impressed if the book had been written by the allotment people with Joe, with royalties going to creating more allotments.

    • I think we all know the truth, and you’re right. There is far more to allotments that just growing your own fruit and veg. Allotments are very special place where so many people come together for the same purpose. They’re all of various ages and backgrounds. You have the weekend gardeners who are busy during the week, and those who have more time during the week. Think of the stories that allotment holders could tell you. You can’t get it all right in just 1 season. And as you say we’re always learning however many years we’ve had our plots for. I don’t know how young our youngest plot holder is, but I reckon early 30’s. Our oldest is 90!

  4. Tony says:

    Claire I read about it a good while back. It was only done to write a book. The BBC upset most of the plot holders. Once filming was finished they ripped it all up and gave the plot back.

    • I’m not surprised the other plot holders were cross. I don’t blame them. I can’t tell you what I really wanted to write, if you put a sarcastic tone of what I wrote, you’ll be close.

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  6. At least it will give someone who really wants a plot, the chance to have one. It may also have encouraged more people to think about growing their own, who may not have done otherwise.

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