Monday 15th April 2013 – Starting the April planting.

Well I have 1 back to school today and the other tomorrow, so all is good and relatively quiet. I’m looking forward to tomorrow at 8.15am when I’ll be on my own. I’ll miss them really. Spent the afternoon in the greenhouse sowing all sorts of interesting seeds. So to start with (it’s like a chart count down, but without the annoying music in the back ground) we have Kohl Rabi “Green and Giant”, then we have a selection of Sweetcorn “Snobaby”, “Rising Sun” and “Strawberry Popcorn”. Next is more Coriander and finally (getting excited now) we have “Lady Bird Poppy”. Phew! I’m exhausted.

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4 Responses to Monday 15th April 2013 – Starting the April planting.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    Awesome post Claire I be override once my greenhouse is back up I still have some room in my cold frame what would you leave in a cold frame? I only normal harden plants of in it

    • I’d leave anything in the cold frame that doesn’t mind a bit of cold. Lettuce grows well in it, and brassicas, onions, shallots and garlic out do well. But it’s a great place to harden off plants before they go outside in the big wide world.

  2. wow, you are so ahead of me. I only just got my leeks in today (had planned to do carrots and parsnips in the same afternoon) but was rudely interrupted by a three year old and a baby. Oh well. Do you net your sweetcorn by the way? I have a constant battle against the (angry) birds.

    • My kids are older that yours, so they can sort themselves out. It’s great when they get older, but they cost more to feed! I wanted to sow some seeds yesterday, but it was too windy on the allotment, so hopefully I can get them done today. I don’t net my corn. The birds don’t bother with it. However, if you have a problem with mice then do net them tightly, otherwise the little buggers will gobble up the lots.

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