Sunday 14th April 2013 – Lots more cabbage!

I seem to have sown a huge amount of cabbage this year, not sure why but there you go. All my seeds are coming up nicely, even the tomatoes have started to show themselves, now that it’s a bit warmer. But this morning was the time to pot up more cabbage, the “All year Round Blend”. Some were very small so I had to get rid of them, but I potted up 20 little plants. I looked at all my other seedlings and some are nearly ready to pot up, but others have a little way to go. Looks like I’ll be busy the next couple of weeks with potting up all my babies.

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3 Responses to Sunday 14th April 2013 – Lots more cabbage!

  1. stevemoulson says:

    I’ve done the same sowed far to many cabbages i think I’ll have to give some of them away,well once I’ve potted them up and removed the weak ones anyway. i do it all the time sow to much,but it’s better to have to many than not having enough.

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