Sunday 24th March 2013 – Really it’s March and not January?

Can anyone explain what on earth is going on with the weather this year? I suppose I shouldn’t complain as we’ve not got any snow. We had a sprinkling yesterday and we kept getting a few flurries today, but it’s still so, so cold! I do feel sorry for those living in Yorkshire, I saw the arial footage this morning on the news channel and power has gone for many in Northern Ireland. So I suppose we’re very lucky. Anyway, moan over I’ve just got in from the greenhouse (fingers are still defrosting as I type) I ordered some plants a couple of weeks ago from J Parker’s, and I was sorting them out. I now have some plants that I hope will be happy in my hanging baskets they’re a selection of 12 Ground Cover Perennials, 15 each of Crocosmia Lucifer and Sunglow, 1 Virginia Creeper and 50 free Mixed Freesias. I’ll find some lovely homes for them in the garden in the coming months, but now I’m in for the evening. I still have more seeds to sow this month, but as it’s so cold I will leave them for a little while.

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9 Responses to Sunday 24th March 2013 – Really it’s March and not January?

  1. Pete bragg says:

    Had my onion bed prepped for weeks now but no chance at the moment. I guess there’s no rush. At least it’s not like last year where we had a false summer in March. Fingers crossed !

    • My shallots, onions and garlic are all still in the greenhouse waiting patiently. Not sure when they’ll be able to go in, but hopefully in the next 2 weeks, but we’ll have to see.

  2. Horrid weather and so bitterly cold. We are covered in snow here in Beds but other parts of the UK much worse. I didn’t bother to visit the allotment this weekend, hopefully next weekend will be kind!

  3. lindasgarden says:

    we had snow in Narford in Norfolk and is very cold indeed we hoping the weather will break soon not sure why we got this weather by mother nature must have a reason even if we do not understand it

    • Apparently the cold is supposed to stay with us until the middle of April. It’s all to do with the Jet stream being too low. My sister said that this means we’re going to get a lovely hot summer, but I won’t count my chicken before they hatch.

  4. Darren T says:

    We got off lightly. Just an inch or so on Saturday morning, all gone now. Still that icy, Arctic / Siberian wind to deal with, though.

    • Went to the allotment this morning and wished I’d taken my wooly hat with me. Shouldn’t have to wear a hat at the beginning of April, but I am. Another 2 weeks of this apparently…

  5. Shelly says:

    Hi Claire, a quick question about chard. I’ve just re-watched the video and you sowed the seed straight into the soil at the allotment. Could I sow them in a seed tray in the grow house? Am a novice at this growing and am not sure whether it’s ok to move them. I know that some vegetables don’t like to be moved.

    • Yes you can start the chard off in the grow house. It is a bit cold at the moment, and it would take longer to start growing. Once it’s large enough to move, then divide it up into 3 inch pots, when it’s larger still plant in outside. Once it’s established it will stay out all winter and just keep going. Mine has started to grow again as it’s getting slightly warmer, but this is it’s 3rd year.

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