Tuesday 19th March 2013 – Spent the morning on a rather soggy plot.

Well the sun has shown its face today, which is wonderful, still rather chilly though, but then I suppose we can’t have it all. I got quite a lot done this morning. The soil is rather wet as you can imagine, but I managed to dig over the last bit of a started bed, and them I sowed my Carrots (Nigel and Purple Haze) some Broad Beans (Stereo), they must be very musical, but then beans are the musical fruit, especially the baked kind, and finally a row of Lilia Spring Onions. Home for lunch which was last nights left over curry made into soup, then into the greenhouse for more sowing this afternoon.

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5 Responses to Tuesday 19th March 2013 – Spent the morning on a rather soggy plot.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    Lovely post Claire

  2. paul says:

    Well we had sun here for 20 minutes but very wet . I put some Lilia spring onions in 4 weeks ago under cover but not a sign , although the white beetroot albina i put in same time is now showing, its going to be late sowing this year, broad beans i have is witkiem manita in pots looking good

  3. Gary says:

    Its wet in Arundel West Sussex, as well. During February when had a dry period, I went over the autumn dug ground with a claw rake 4 or 5 times using boards to avoid treading on the soil, its back breaking work but I now have a fine tilth. I too trudged down to the allotment today avoiding the quagmire that is the allotment pathway, to see the sun gently drying off the top of my plot. Further investigation however revealed a soil temperature of 4.5C just a couple of CM’s below the surface and the water level 10 -12 CM down. Even for all the hard work I put in back in February and no matter how fine the soil is, its simply to cold and wet to plant out in the open. My Grandfather, who also lived in the South of England, never planted anything until May (broad beans and onions before Christmas) and everything seemed to catch up. Perhaps us 21st century gardeners don’t need to be in such a rush!

    • There is something to be said for the knowledge passed down from previous generations. Unfortunately we have an allotment check at the end of March, beginning of April and if our plots looks a bit bare then we get a letter from the Council. They don’t seem to understand how weather affects the growing of seeds. Last year we asked them to come down later as it had been so wet, but they didn’t and then they didn’t have much sympathy later on with the weeds on our plots after the terrible wet summer. Sometimes you just can’t win. Only in your garden are you king, or queen for us girlies.

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