Monday 11th March 2013 – What is going on with the weather?

Can anyone answer this question for me? Last Tuesday was 16.5 degrees, and I was wishing that I had my shorts on when I was down the allotment, and this morning we woke up to a sprinkling of snow and the temperature is 1 degree, and thermals are needed, and we keep getting snow flurries. Was last week our summer in just one day and now it’s back to winter again?

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16 Responses to Monday 11th March 2013 – What is going on with the weather?

  1. lindasgarden says:

    I am sure mother nature knows what she is doing even if we can not understand it at present

  2. paul says:

    Same here where is the mild winter gone , only planted Kelvedon Wonder peas monday good job i protected them we dont normally get all this snow here in south , so kitchin being a heated greenhouse at the moment
    Spring onions are taking thier time too even protected been 2 weeks now nothing

  3. Claire, I was thinking the same thing as you! It’s hard not to, after the terrible summer last year.

  4. Andreae says:

    Sounds like you’ve been magically transported to Newfoundland. Our springs are always like that, see-sawing back and forth between t-shirt weather and flurries. The clothing shops even have sales saying things like, “Come celebrate fake spring with a new skirt – or a sweater!” I’ve accidentally killed more tender plants than I care to think about by falling for the promises of fake spring. I read a lot of UK gardening books and sites because your climate is closer to ours than Canada’s is, but I still have to add about a month on to all the dates. Our last average frost is June 5. June 5!

    • Yesterday when I went out there was snow everywhere, and we’ve just had a little flurry now. It’s not settling and once the sun comes out it’s gone. But tonight it’s going to be about -4!! We had a really harsh wind the other day, and it felt like -10. some of my plants got burnt by the wind. Our last frost day is 31st May, so any tender plants don’t go out til 1st June. It’s ridiculous, oh how I long for a warmer climate.

  5. stevemoulson says:

    Hiya if last week was our summer well im buggered I haven’t grown anything yet,I knew I should of planted something . LOL

  6. It’s Baltic here Claire. Really hoping for a good Easter.

  7. robertburgess says:

    Well Claire I was also working in my vest last week, today it started heavy snow drops about the size of a 2 pence piece and now it’s full sunshine and thawing like mad.

  8. MarkB says:

    Here in Massachusetts, US, I was working in the garden at this time last year. Now, it looks like at least a week and a half away to get the first seeds in. Please bring back global warming!

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