Watford’s Farm Terrace Allotments

Can anyone help save these lovely people? This is the email I got from them…
Spring is so near and we do not know what to do here at Watford’s Farm Terrace Allotments. We can not plan for our crop and for the seeds and the time is running out so fast.
This has been the situation since 2007, but this year it is going to final conclusion it appears. Lib Dems and Tory’s are pushing ahead with this land grab attempt as the next election is getting closer which may remove them from power. It seems they are really in hurry to fill their pockets as much as they can before going.
It all began when the NHS owned Watford General Hospital wanted to build a health centre in its own land (in the parking and some adjacent parts belonging to hospital). A contractor was selected and the plans were set.
Everybody was happy and things looked bright for all of us.
Until the private contracting company demanded that the nearby allotments be given to them so they can make money on them by building private luxury apartments and a hotel on the site of the allotments. Nobody knows for sure who were behind this change of tone. Some may say it was the brain child of the private, financial interests in the Lib Dem-controlled Watford council. The area is on the northern slopes of the River Colne valley with a good sunward view and the contractor and their council backhanders can make lots of money if they take over the allotments before the next election.
Farm Terrace Allotments are 116 years old. They are a heritage site. Watford has lost many of its heritage in the past by the short sighted councils in 1950’s and 1970’s. It appears builders are much after the land in and around London (in satellite towns like Watford and Guildford). We all can be affected in future by what is happening now in Watford.

Personally I think this is atrocious. Allotment sites should be protected, I know some are, but all should be and cannot be taken away by greedy people just for money.

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3 Responses to Watford’s Farm Terrace Allotments

  1. Kimba says:

    I expect that they have already contact their MP? I believe that the local authority have a statutory obligation to provide allotments for those who want them. There must be a local lawyer they can get on their side. Also how about contacting James Wong (he is on Facebook) perhaps he has some equally high profile contacts who can bring this case to the media? Good luck!

  2. David Hyams says:

    I had two allotments in St Albans, for many years, before I retired and moved hundreds of miles away. I was initially very sympathetic to the allotment-holders here as some previous allotments I maintained some years back, were also under threat and needed protests to retain them. However, our problems were experienced with a Labour-run council whilst Labour were in government.
    As soon as the above correspondent wrote that “Lib Dems and Tory’s are pushing ahead with this land grab attempt as the next election is getting closer which may remove them from power” and “he contractor and their council backhanders can make lots of money” I switched off my sympathy vote a bit. This is no more the Lib Dems & Tories now than it was with Labour when we had our allotment problems as well.
    By all means protest and complain to wherever you can garnish support but it is totally wrong to politicise the situation.

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