Thursday 28th February 2013 – Spring greens.

Another morning up the allotment. More people today, well 4 of us. Slowly but surely we’re all coming out of hibernation. I managed to dig another bed though, but I had to keep stopping as there are muscles that I’ve not used for a while, and they can only take so much. I planted more strawberry plants, but lots more to get in. I also sowed a row of radish. I’ll give it about a month and then I’ll sow the rest of the packet, that way I’ll stagger them, and they’re not all ready together. I also dug up some of the old bassicas, and picked off some of the bits inbetween the big leaves. I love spring greens, my mum used to get them from the greengrocers, but you don’t seem to be able to find them anywhere any more. Home now for lunch and I think I deserve a homemade chocolate and walnut brownie for pudding.

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4 Responses to Thursday 28th February 2013 – Spring greens.

  1. john langman says:

    plenty of them in morrisons,morpeth claire!

  2. Kimba says:

    Hi Claire, I hope you ennoyed the chocolate brownie!

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