Tuesday 26th February 2013 – Potted up the cauliflowers and Goji Berries

Wish it would warm up a bit soon. Still too cold for me. I need sun, and lots of it. Still I went in the greenhouse today and potted up my cauliflowers, the seeds are rather old (expired last year) and only 6 came up, but that’s ok. And the Goji berries, I’ve got 13 little plants. As it’s still very cold in the greenhouse I left the cauliflowers in their, but then they’re very robust plants, but I’ve brought the goji’s back inside. When they get a bit larger they’ll be able to go in the greenhouse, but just not yet. Hands are warming up with typing, but they did get jolly cold in the greenhouse house. Come on spring hurry up and arrive, I’m waiting!

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10 Responses to Tuesday 26th February 2013 – Potted up the cauliflowers and Goji Berries

  1. stevemoulson says:

    I haven’t started anything as of yet but last year i started them to early in the greenhouse,I did lose a bit because of that so this year I’m going to wait a little longer.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Claire, have you brought on your cauli seed in a cold greenhouse? I’ve never tried outside before.

    • When the cauliflower are large enough to go outside, which should be about late April/May time I’ll grow them under a net so the birds can’t get to them. They’re very hardy plants, but the frost will turn the cauliflower yellow/brown. Cabbage are very hardy and can stay out all winter.

  3. Sharon says:

    I live in Langley BC and our weather is similar (although you had a colder winter this year). I, too, get so excited this time of year and like you last week went into the green house and froze; it’s supposed to be sunny here this weekend and I plan to rotto and expand the plot to plant out early potatoes (wish me luck).

    • Hope the weather was kind, and you got all you wanted to get done in the garden this weekend. I’m hoping to start to get my potatoes in tomorrow, but not sure if the weather will be warm enough.

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