Friday 25th January 2013 – Started the garlic off.

Hands had warmed up, so I pootled back to the greenhouse to start my garlic off in half toilet rolls. I wasn’t able to get them all done as I ran out of soil in the greenhouse and the bag outside, the contents is frozen. I managed to dig some out, and have put it in a container in the greenhouse to defrost. I’ll go back to it tomorrow and hopefully it’ll be ok. I never order enough garlic and I use a lot in cooking, so this year I’ve ordered 6 bulbs. Hopefully that’ll be enough. I got the Solent Wight variety. I’ll let you know how they get on. I’ve still got onions and shallots to do, but until I can defrost the compost they’ll have to stay inside.

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6 Responses to Friday 25th January 2013 – Started the garlic off.

  1. I planted all mine out in early December. Hope that was right. Seemed to work last year, although this year I did have to dig a crust of frost off the ground first. Solent Wight and Iberian Wight for me – 8 bulbs of each saved from last years crop. We eat a LOT of garlic!

  2. Cari Dennis says:

    How long do you have them in your greenhouse before putting out Claire? Do you harden them off first? I did grow some last year, but they weren’t very big – not sure if it was me or weather?!

    • I’ll keep them in the greenhouse until mid to late february, depends on the weather. Once the soil is dig able, I’ll put them in. I don’t bother to harden them off, as they’re very robust. Last year wasn’t a great year for most things. I do find starting garlic and onions off in this way definitely helps them.

  3. Thank you Claire for your time and energy that you put into your blog. You are a delightful person to listen to. I planted my garlic in October 2012, mulched heavily, as I am located in Wisconsin, USA. My Winters can get down to -10F, zone 4-5. I am a very passionate gardener on a budget. I know I will enjoy your blog and your blogging friends. I do have a blogging type website that my son created for me as my Mother’s Day gift. I call it my gift that keeps on giving. Smiles, Lark

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