Tuesday 22nd January 2013 – Allotment Wars

If you live in the UK watch “Allotment Wars” tonight on BBC1 at 10.35pm. I hope I can assure you that we’re not all like these people, but not having watched it yet who can say. I’ll have to record it and watch tomorrow lunch time as it’s past my bed time.

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10 Responses to Tuesday 22nd January 2013 – Allotment Wars

  1. John says:

    Hi Claire, certainly most allotment holders are good people, but sometimes I do detect an undercurrent that is very subtle, maybe there’s a little paranoia in the air. It’s when one is starting to get good at growing veg that the pressures mount and people start noticing. Best to keep a low profile and be quiet about one’s achievements. I would hate to know the tensions going on between two prize winning allotment holders especially if there male. Like I say it might be a case of a vivid imagination but there is always this competitive tension going on and perhaps some push the boundaries a little too far.

  2. Diane says:

    Having read lots of allotment horror stories and lived through a few here it was interesting. Sad to see someone evicted from their plot – especially after the council had intervened the first time.
    Cliques and bullys are not unknown to many allotment sites.
    I did think her shed was lovely but not something I’d ever expect to find on an allotment, although I am mildly tempted now to have a shed and make it a writing room to sit in during the summer.

    • I’ve not watched it yet, so cannot comment. Hopefully I’ll get round to it on Monday, been catching up on the Comic Relief Bake Off. I think some councils are stricter than others. Our 2 wardens are very helpful, and will do their best if you are having difficulty. suggesting a smaller plot sometimes helps as a large one can be a bit over powering.

    • I think for the lady with the elaborate shed, it was more about the shed than the allotment. I also felt sorry for the guy who was being evicted, but I think there may have been more to that story than they were showing in the programme.

  3. I thought the show was a dreadfully boring indictment of just how bad reality TV has got. Really scraping the bottom of the water butt. Don’t think I’ll be watching again.

    • I’ve not watched it yet, as I’ve been catching up on other bits I’ve recorded (Comic Relief Bake Off). May not see it til lunch time on Monday. I’m sure I’ll have a few comments though.

  4. It made me chuckle. Of course in the interests of ‘entertainment’ the characters are painted larger than life, but tone it all down a bit and many of them are recognisable as the allotmenteers we know and love from our own sites. You also might be interested to read this which gives some of the background to it all http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/9813272/Dirty-tricks-in-allotment-wars.html

    • I must admit I gasped at some parts and chuckled at others. I’m very competitive, but only with myself, and get cross if things don’t turn out as I’d planned. There are always those rather odd characters on every allotment site, but nothing like that extreme on ours. Or not that I know of.

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