Goji Berry – Claire’s Allotment part 174

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2 Responses to Goji Berry – Claire’s Allotment part 174

  1. Goji says:

    About the Goji Berry: I don’t actually think they’re supposed to taste nice at all and especially not fresh. They’re not popular that way in China at least. I find it odd that gardeners here in the UK are growing them and eating them that way! – There must be a misunderstanding.
    I lived there in China for a number of years in 3 different regions and never saw anyone selling them fresh nor eating them fresh. They’re considered medicinal, very good for eyesight in particular, and are put liberally as a dried fruit in lots of cooked dishes and teas, but they have no strong taste as far as I remember just a sort of floral background hint.
    Like a lot of the things the Chinese eat, medicine and food are very much merged into one, they’re eaten for the possible health benefits not the flavour.

    • When you eat them on their own they’re a bit bitter, but if you put them in recipes they taste very nice, apparently. I’ll give them a go and let you know what I did with them. They’re rich in Vitamin A, but then so are lots of other foods. I’ll keep you posted.

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