Saturday 12th January 2013 – Seeds arrived today!!

Well this morning when the postman arrived, it was just one item and that was for ME!! It was the seeds that I ordered from Victoriana Nursery Gardens. Loads of exciting new seeds, and some that I’ve grown before. There is one that I am a little apprehensive about, but I’m sure I’ll cope. Just waiting for the snow to arrive, it’s bloody cold outside at the moment, may have to get the thermals out.

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4 Responses to Saturday 12th January 2013 – Seeds arrived today!!

  1. Kim says:

    I’m off to Poundland next week to see what gardening stuff they have in stock. Got some brilliant cloches last year 🙂

  2. ummhassanah says:

    So excited for you! if i wanted to send you a package , where would i mail it? Im wonder if one of my rosemary the I propagated will make across the pond w/o being killed.:/

    • I’m not sure if you’re able to send certain seeds across. Some you can, and it’s really wonderful that you would like to. I’m not sure the rosemary would make it, which would be such a shame. We’re having problems with our post at the moment, and it gets sent else where (don’t ask, it’s beyond even us understanding.) Thank you very much for the offer. Please keep me up to date with how all your bits are growing this year.

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