Tuesday 1st January 2013 – Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a great time last night, and aren’t waking up with a hang over this morning. Yesterday morning I put the champagne in the fridge, but as the day progressed Mark and I came down with colds. I think we’ve now relaxed after Christmas, and they’ve taken hold. Mine isn’t bad, but I think Mark is a little more stuffed up than I am. Needless to say we never made it to midnight (actually we were in bed before 10pm). Are we getting old? Neither of us are 40…yet! Never mind the champagne will wait until dinner time. We’re out this morning for a family wander to the Stepping Stones in Dorking. Not sure exactly where that is, but we’ll find it. Then home for lunch, a nap and them a film. I think Ben Hur is on later. Have a great New Year to you all, and all the best for 2013. I’ve got lots of new seeds to share with you, but I’m not going to tell you yet as I want to keep them as a surprise.

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6 Responses to Tuesday 1st January 2013 – Happy New Year!!

  1. Happy New Year to you and the family too Claire, looking forward to seeing you at the plot again soon, I sure need the exercise!

  2. Hi claire, looking forward to your videos and blog, just been to mine and they are water logged to a foot deep in places. Hope my strawberries survive. Going to start sowing my seeds under lighting in the next couple of weeks.


    • I’m sure the strawberries will be ok. But that’s a huge amount of rain. I’ve not looked at mine for a while, but hope that it’s ok. January seeds will be sown soon for me also, and so starts the season. Have a great one.

  3. Irene from Piraeus says:

    Happy New Year, for you and your family too, Claire. I also wish you, the best results in your allotment this year!

    • And to you also. Hope you had a Happy New Year. I’m sure it’s much warmer where you are at the moment. We’re in a cold snap at the moment, and the last week and this week are barely getting above freezing during the day. We’ve also have loads of snow, about 4 inches in total and more due. It’s like a winter wonderland at the moment. If you follow my blog you’ll see photos. Have a great season.

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