Monday 19th November 2012 – Got poked up the bottom by my apple tree!

Another large box arrived to me over the weekend with more plants for my sister in laws garden. For those who don’t know, and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but in Spring next year I’ll be sorting out my sister in laws garden. It’s a bit of a mess, and needs lots of TLC. So I offered as part of her Christmas and birthday present to tidy it for her. I’ve ordered a load of plants from various places and they’re turning up in dribs and drabs. When they arrive I pot them up and they’re all sitting in my greenhouse at the moment growing well. There are some bulbs also, so they’re in pots and hopefully they’ll grow and I can pop them straight in when the beds are sorted. As I bent over this morning to get the watering can, I didn’t realise that my bottom was sticking out so far, it must have grown, and a branch from my apple tree poked me right in my behind. I wondered who else was in the garden with me at first and then realised. Felt a bit silly, but no one was around.

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5 Responses to Monday 19th November 2012 – Got poked up the bottom by my apple tree!

  1. So funny! Have missed your posts.

  2. david gray says:

    your blog does make me laugh at times 😉 keep up the good work.

  3. vivi12blog says:

    Could you please me give some advice on poinsettias plants? I have last Xmas poinsettias plant in a pot. Last spring I potted it in a bigger pot with some good potting dirt. I brought it inside now cause its gotten a little chilly. Its bushy and green. How could I get it to turn red or even bloom?

  4. Robert Myers says:

    I have not gotten any E-Mail Cent July did you quit sending out E-Mails? I would like to get back on your list.

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