Friday 26th October 2012 – Chilly, chilly!!

Wow it was cold this morning! Yes I know it should be, but it’s come on very suddenly. For the last few weeks we’ve been used to 14 degrees or so, and today I went out at 10am and it was only 7.5 degrees! They’re even threatening a few sprinkles of snow tonight, very hit and miss, but all down the east coast of the UK including the south east which is very rare. Anyway, I popped up the allotment this morning to see what I could pick. I didn’t stay long as it started to rain, even though it looked like sleet to me. I managed to pick quite a lot really. The last of my beetroot is now up, and 1 carrot that decided to grow with them, some rainbow chard, kale, the last few squash and either a small marrow or a large courgette. Not sure which it is, but I’m sure it’ll taste good. It’s all looking a bit sorry for itself up there now, but now is the time to prepare for next year, so get ordering your seeds, potatoes and onions and anything else you want for next year. And let’s also hope that next year won’t be as naff as this year was.

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4 Responses to Friday 26th October 2012 – Chilly, chilly!!

  1. david gray says:

    This year was poor Claire, but have turned all my late produce into chutneys or a great home made tomato pasta sauce ready for freezing. ( just add garlic when cooking down, sieve and reduce a bit more with chopped mixed herbs) its lovely ! Hope you can find some of them Pineberries i told you about for the coming year, i shall be getting a few plants too.

    • 2012 was an atrocious year. Chutney and the sauce sound great. Yes I got the Pineberries, they’re in the greenhouse waiting for it to get a bit warmer before I plant them out. I’ve reserved a spot for them.

  2. Same with both my plots. I still have carrots and beets in though as we’ve been working out where to store them. They’ll be coming out on Sunday. Still got black kale, Brussels and winter cabbage in and hopefully they’ll overwinter. Also planted some spinach, lettuce and spring onions that are under a line of Wondermesh which I hope will last the first period of cold weather while I get round to planting some more in the greenhouse.

    Ordered seeds this morning but held off from ordering potatoes as they seemed to be much more expensive than what we paid in the spring. Although this year we waited until the last minute and bought them at a knock-down price from my local garden centre. Yes I’m stingy (and not very well organised)

    Should we really have the seed spuds ordered already?

    • I order mine late the previous year, but that’s only because the brochure comes round. They don’t arrive until January though. I like to get ahead, and when it’s cold outside I like nothing better than planning the next season as the thought of sun always makes me feel better.

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