Friday 5th October 2012 – My tree has arrived.

I felt like treating myself, especially after all the hard work I do, so I was flicking through a fruit catalogue that came for my mum, and something caught my eye. It was a hardy kiwi tree. It’s called “Issai”, and the fruits are fuzzless and are grape size, so you can just pick and eat. I expect George will end up eating most of them, but hopefully I’ll get a look in. The brochure is from “Pomona Fruits” and you can find them online. They have loads of varieties of fruit in the book from strawberries, apples through to pomegranates and nuts. I’ll make a video when I plant it, which will hopefully be this weekend, but it depends on how the weather goes. It came in a huge box which was taler that me, but the plant is only about 2 foot high at the moment, not sure why the box was so big.

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9 Responses to Friday 5th October 2012 – My tree has arrived.

  1. paul says:

    i have a mate that is growing a kiwi be it in a greenhouse and is making steady progress
    Claire have you grown yellow beetroot i have this year and is very nice and sweet.
    still picking loads of safari dwarf beans these i highly recommend

    • They will grown very tall if you let them, so I’ll have to keep an eye on mine. Yes I’ve grown yellow beetroot, several years ago, but it did very well. glad your beans are still growing. All mine have finished, and the weather has turned very autumnal now.

  2. Myron Kirkbride says:

    Hi .Isn’t a Kiwi a vine? Do you need a male plant for a pollinator ? Isn’t 18 quid plus shipping a bit dear?(plus a male plant?)

    • It’s a tree/vine. It needs supporting where ever it grows, but if I put a vine down then people may automatically think it would be a grape. The plant is self fertile, so you don’t need the opposite sex for it to produce little ones. It is quite an expensive item, but it’s something that will last for years, and will produce loads of fruit. If you think how much kiwi’s cost in the supermarket, I think it’s worth every penny. It was a treat,and I don’t treat myself very often.

  3. Kimba says:

    Obviously the packer was an optimist, Claire! Hahaha! Do you have any recommendations for a dwarf apricot tree – our allotment society only allow dwarf trees and the catalogues I’ve looked in just seem to have tall ones! Thanks, I love your blog and your Youtube videos. Lynn

    • Yeah, aahh shame. Try “Victoriana Nursery Gardens” they have 2 types of dwarf apricot trees. If you keep them pruned they’ll grow to 6-8ft. Hope this helps. They’re lovely people there and feel free to mention my name.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Will you also get another male kiwi for it?

  5. Cheryl says:

    Will you also get another male kiwi for it? Whoops you already answered that one. The reason why I ask is because online it says more fruit if you have male and few if no male present.

    • To be honest i don’t have room for another one to go. I think as long as I get enough to keep us going for a while I’ll be happy. They do grow very fast, so I’ll keep you posted on how it grows this year.

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