Thursday 27th September 2012 – Shovelled 13 bags of s**t this afternoon, how exciting.

Well all the rain that we’ve had in the last 4 days has done wonders to the allotment. The soil is now so much easier to dig. That’s enough rain for a little while now, let me get all the beds manured, and then it can rain again. This morning wasn’t looking too promising, but as lunch time came the sun came out and so this afternoon I took the plunge and decided to go and get some manure. I’ve got different bags from last year, but they seem to take more in them. I managed to squeeze 13 bags in the boot of our car, and then took it straight up the allotment and spread it about. It covered just over 3 beds which I was quite impressed with. I’m not stingy when spreading and make sure there is a good thick layer on the soil. It’ll stay there until Spring and I won’t do anything with it til then. I’ve sorted the car out, and it doesn’t smell, but I do a bit. Must have a shower before we go out tonight, we’re looking at a secondary school for our son, so I need to give off a good impression, and not a manure smell.

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8 Responses to Thursday 27th September 2012 – Shovelled 13 bags of s**t this afternoon, how exciting.

  1. beginagain2a says:

    I hope it all went well at the school yesterday, its such an important decision for a child’s future; – I am so glad I don’t have to go through all that again. 🙂

    • We saw the school 2 years ago for our daughter, and we’re still really impressed with it. The next school is in 2 weeks time. It’s the one that George really wants to go to, but I’ve not seem it since I was there 20 years ago. A lot could have changed.

      • Bob says:

        Hi Claire, trying to figure out which reply button works and which one does not. I’m a new subscriber to your blog and youtube videos. Potting up or planting onions started from seed is what brought me initially. I look forward to following your posts. Greetings from Orlando, FL. -Bob

      • The season for us is going to start soon, so there will be lots of things that I will post. I’m looking forward to this year, more so than any other (not sure why, but there you go). Hopefully it’ll live up to my expectations.

  2. shetlandguy says:

    Muck spreading is one of the great joys of veggie gardening, methinks. I have bags here of cow muck, horse muck, Shetland pony muck and some sheep muck. The longer it is left before using, the less it smells and the better it is for the plants.
    The only downside is that my previously-weeded patches seem to have new and different weeds growing in them the following season but I guess that is probably worth putting up with.

    • Oh definitely. The joy of getting manure and filling the car. I think only a gardener can understand why. The car never smells when I get manure, even if some does spill. I then go and get the car cleaned and they make it all sparkly and smelling fresh. No trip to the stable for a while after that.

  3. Maritza White says:

    Hi Claire, hope you are well. Yesterday I took out all my leeks, they are great, but the soil was left with lots and lots of weeds, ie: the hair from the leeks. I have taken out as much as I can but I dont know whether to leave it and hopefully through out the winter they will die, the bed is covered with it. Also I dont know if I should put the manure, Looking forward to your reply,
    Many thanks

    • Don’t worry about anything being left from the leeks. If any roots are left in they’ll just rot down. If you have got manure then once the bed is clear give it a quick fork over and cover with manure and just leave over the winter. Don’t cover it with plastic or carpet as the frosts will kill any bugs that are in the soil. Then have a rest and start planning for spring.

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