Wednesday 19th September 2012 – Runner beans have finally finished.

Had a good morning today. I managed a bit of weeding, but we’ve still not had any rain and the soil is still really hard. If you have loads of weeds, the quick fix at the moment is to just chop down as many as you can at ground level, then when it rains you can get out and dig them up. My runner beans have finally finished, I’ve not had any beans from them for about 2 weeks now, still I’ve got loads in the freezer. I harvested a load more white onions and a load of red ones. The red ones have done really well this year, I’m sure it’s because I started them off early in the greenhouse.. There were a few more baby sweetcorn, but those and the normal sweetcorn are now at the end, so they’ll be coming out soon. I’ve also harvested some lovely summer squash. They’re really odd shaped ones, but I think I’ll roast a couple for dinner tonight and see how they are.

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4 Responses to Wednesday 19th September 2012 – Runner beans have finally finished.

  1. Claire says:

    you’re such a busy bee! I wondered if you’re planting anything out at the moment? I know it’s late but I bought big PSB plantlings today at the posh garden centre. I’d say they’re about as tall, if not bigger, as my lap top screen that I’m staring at right now (hee hee!) and have about 6 healthy leaves on each. Pleeeeease tell me it’ll be fine to plant them out now. I would LOVE some of this yummy stuff to eat next year. I also have some January Kings in but I only planted the 4 inch plantlings out about a month ago. This is what happens when you neglect your plot :o( I’m keen to get it looking like I’ll have something to harvest all year round. Only time will tell I guess…
    Also (goodness I go on…!) do you have raspberries? I’d love to see how YOU prune and manage them. Lots of vids and tutorials on here but I’m used to listening to your way now… It’s like you understand my needs, Ha!
    Thank you.
    (the other) Claire. xxx

    • Hi Claire,

      In September I don’t usually plant anything, it the beginning of the massive clear up before the winter comes. Now as I”m writing this spring is not far away so I’m getting excited in this new season. What’s a PSB? Can’t figure that one out? The cabbage are fine in the winter to stay outside, they grow slowly, but don’t mind the snow. Yes I do have raspberries, various types, but can’t remember which ones as I’ve had them for a while now. I’ll try and do a video at the end of the season can’t do it now as it’s the wrong time. Have a great season.

  2. David Hyams says:

    Have you tried any of the vegetable spaghetti plants yet? Boil them in two halves and eat directly from then with a fork. Enjoy !

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