Thursday 13th September 2012 – Had to strip off today, got very hot.

We had a sudden down pour last night for about half and hour, so I was hoping that it would be easier to dig today, but it’s made no difference at all. What we really need is a whole night of rain, so it seeps in. Anyway I’m sure we’ll have some soon. I took my strimmer down this morning and managed to mow a load of grass and then lay some more of my wood chip path. It’s starting to look like I’m making a bit of headway, so that’s good. The mornigs are getting chilly so it’s a case of wearing my gardening jacket, but then after about half an hour it gets really hot and I have to strip off, fortunately I had a T-shirt on. Phew!!!

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2 Responses to Thursday 13th September 2012 – Had to strip off today, got very hot.

  1. Ami says:

    Lol i totally understand ur feeling. Even tho i live in Holland we currently either have pooring rain or burning hot sun. Mud is either dry to the bone ur slippery wet. We just got out plot and we are couble digging so its not to great 😦

    • The weather in 2012 has been bizarre. Here’s hoping for a better 2013. We’ve had loads of rain recently and loads of flood warnings on various rivers. The next few days are overcast, but dry, so it’s going to be full steam ahead in the garden as I give it a good tidy before the Spring arrives.

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