Tuesday 11th Spetember 2012 – We need some rain!!

The weather just can’t get it right, we either have too much rain and everything gets flooded or no rain at all and we have hose pipe bans. At the moment it’s very dry and trying to dig the earth is nearly impossible. The soil is so hard, all we need is for it to rain during the night and it’ll make a huge difference. As long as the days are dry that’s fine with me. However, I did manage to dig another bed, and weed a load more. I found more potatoes and dug up some carrots which we’ll have for dinner this evening. Just going to boil the beetroot I picked the other day and then skin and freeze so it’ll mean I’ll have pink hands for the rest of the day.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 11th Spetember 2012 – We need some rain!!

  1. Michele says:

    Too much rain here 😦 Have mushrooms growing in mine because of the moisture. Enjooy the carrots!

  2. Claire says:

    Rain is a funny old thing…! My plot is horrid and squelchy due to too much of the stuff. It’s never tried out at all all Summer, but at least I have to be grateful…we have no water of any other sort on my plot.

    (I LOVE beetroot…I’ll be round later :o) xx

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