Saturday 18th August 2012 – I’m a page 5 girl!!!!

Just before I went on holiday a lovely lady called Sally Newall contacted me asking about my Your Tube videos. Sally is a journalist from the Telegraph and wanted to put me in her article. I was jolly excited and we had emails going back and forth. Today was the day, and it’s in the paper. Have a read here, there’s a photo of me too, hehe!

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4 Responses to Saturday 18th August 2012 – I’m a page 5 girl!!!!

  1. vivi12blog says:

    Hello Clarie,

    How do I subscribe to your Youtube videos? I also want to built a rasied bed garden, could you please give me some pointers.


    • If you Google “Claires allotment” it’ll come up, then click on any of the videos, and then click on the Subscribe button at the top of the screen. Hopefully that’ll work. As for raised beds, the best way to go about those is to measure out the size you want it, then hammer a 2 inch square piece of wood in each corner, each piece needs to have 6 inches in the ground and then the height of the bed. Then you can hammer or screw the side lengths to the corner pieces. The sides need to be at lease 1 inch thick. Thicker would be better. Make sure the bed is at least 12 inches tall, that way it deep enough for carrots. If you want to grow potatoes, make it 24 inches tall. Fill with a mixture of top soil, manure, ballast (Make sure it doesn’t have cement in it). Mix it all together, and you’re ready.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Larry says:

    Nice article and a great pic. You look very happy in it. Look forward to seeing some footage of your vacation. Larry from KY.

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