Tuesday 10th July 2012 – Had my first Pea today!

As I’m writing this there is a rumble of thunder! It’s alright as I’m safely inside now. Not something that I want to happen when I’m down the allotment. I had a great morning at the allotment today. I picked a load more mangetout and we’ve just had some for dinner, very crisp they were too. I also thought that I’d check and see how my peas were getting along. I gently squeezed one pod and it felt firm, so I picked it and there were 5 beautifully round, bright green peas inside. I had to eat them, and they tasted so good! I’ll keep an eye on them and pick as and when they’re ready. I also managed to weed more and in the process disturbed a black ants nest. I never thought they bit, but they do. I’ve got several bites up my right arm. They’re not as bad as red ants, but still not nice. At least the showers stayed away this morning which was good. I also planted out my cabbage and some of my purple brussels. Hopefully tomorrow will be ok to go down again, but only time will tell.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 10th July 2012 – Had my first Pea today!

  1. david gray says:

    Have to agree, the first taste of the new peas is always something to look forward too. Have been harvesting mine for the last 2 weeks. Also pleased to report my lemon apple cucumber plant is fruiting !

    • If I get hungry on the allotment, I go straight for the peas and find a tasty one. Fantastic news about you cucumber plant. I’ve got lots of little baby cues on mine, just waiting for them to get a bit larger.

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