Friday 6th July 2012

Legs are still a bit stiff, but getting better. Even though it was drizzling this morning I went to the allotment. I managed to pick all my gooseberries, but my forearms are now all scratched and beware of the thorns they really hurt when you catch hold of one by accident. I think I’ve got a small one lodged by the side of my nail, I’ll have to have a dig for it in a bit. I also planted more runner beans, weeded more and did more of the path. Not long before I left it started to rain quite hard, and when I got home my allotment jacket was soaked through. A warm cup of tea and some lunch soon sorted me out.

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6 Responses to Friday 6th July 2012

  1. richard says:

    The runner beans ,is that from seed or transplants? Not sure if its too late for me

  2. Hi Claire, I’m growing broad beans for the first time. When are they done and what do you do with them? Where’s Mark with the leg rub?

    • Broad beans are ready when the pots feel full. Give the pod a gentle squeeze and if you can’t feel any give in the pod then it’s time to pick. You could always just pick one and see. When you’ve harvested them I put them straight in the freezer and then when it’s winter I add them to stews. They need long slow cooking to make them soft, so a stew is the ideal way to use them.

  3. Old Timer says:

    Hi Claire, As we live in the Northeast and seem to be constantly battered by rain/floods we are only managing one or two days a week visiting the allotment. Some veg is growing well (especially main crop spuds) but others are not doing so well in the wet, cold, clay earth. The pigeons are enjoying our absenses though, ruining some veg that has poked through the netting. Our neighbour has lost virtually everthing, except his sanity, due to rabbits and pigeons. All a little despairing given this is our first year. However I know we shall all be back next year, with better plans. LOL.
    Please keep the videos going.

    • I hope the sun is shining for you now. It has been really depressing with all the rain. You have to take every opportunity you get to go to the allotment in that weather. I’ve been wearing a coat, which is ridiculous. Next year will be better (it can’t really be worse). You have to protect crops from numerous enemies. I hope you harvest a good amount of crops this year, and fingers crossed for next year.

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