Thursday 28th June 2012

I’m so excited I picked my first produce today….A few mangetout! I know what we’ll be having for dinner tonight. I’m growing purple ones and yellow ones. I did eat a couple of them raw as they looked so tasty, and they were. It’s very hot today, but tomorrow will bring an end to our mini heatwave. Still it’s dry. I managed to do more of the following: strim, weed and water. I’m planting out my french beans, I know it’s a bit late, and I don’t know how they’ll do as I put them on the garden table and the wind bashed them about. They’re looking a bit pathetic at the moment and the leaves are singed by the wind. I’ve sown them in tyres I don’t have much hope for them, but we’ll see.

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4 Responses to Thursday 28th June 2012

  1. I’m sure your beans will recover Claire. We put ours out a couple of weeks ago but they’d been sulking until a couple of days ago. I’m giving runner beans a miss this year – still have lots in the freezer! We’ve had loads of strawberries, shared with the woodlice and other peskies of course, but more than enough for us! I was most proud to harvest a greenhouse grown cucumber a couple of days ago, wonky but very tasty. Aimee x

    • I’m sure they’ll sulk for a while, and then hopefully cheer up. Your strawberries looked fantastic, I asked Jill if she was going to make jam with them. If you’ve got a bread machine you can make just 1 jar at a time, and then eat the rest. Congratulations on your cucumber, the wonky ones always taste better. See you next week.

  2. paul says:

    same here my purple queen french beans looked bedraggled but i clotched them and hey flowers and beans my sultana beans are in flower too all because of 2 days sun
    courgettes are the only good news good crop have to find out if i can freeze em

    • I’ve got a few flowers appearing, so I’m still hoping that I’ll get something. As for courgettes I do freeze them. I just cut them into slices and then freeze. When they’re defrosted they go a bit limp, but they then cook fine.

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