Monday 18th June 2012

Just a quick note to let you know that on Wednesday of last week my little coal tits fledged. They were their on Tuesday evening and the parents were busy flying in and out, then on Wednesday morning they were all gone. They must have fledge very early in the morning, and it’s been all quite since. When I go up to the end of the garden it’s very quiet, but at least I know that I gave them a safe place to grow up before they went out into the big wide world. Maybe they’ll come back next year and then it’ll start all over again.

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2 Responses to Monday 18th June 2012

  1. paul says:

    well this rain and wind more so has done some damage , lost some of my purple dwarf beans , have since covered them with clotches and they have recovered a bit .
    Idid dig some british queen potatoes and they are good they like the rain !!

    • The wind has damaged my dwarf beans. I don’t know if they’ll recover, only time will tell. Wow, you’re first potatoes, don’t they taste wonderful when they been dug out of the garden. I’m looking forward to my first ones.

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