Monday 26th March 2012

Back again! I just think it’s best to do a few bits and let you know, rather than do everything and then write a huge long essay that nobody will want to read.
I’ve now sown more Cucumbers which are called “Swing”. I’m not sure if I need to prepare a playground for them or what? Also some Coriander which is supposed to be ready in 6 weeks or so. I’ve not sown all the seeds, just a few, then I can sow more in about 4 weeks time and so on, then I’ll have it lasting most of the summer. I’ve also sown a lovely selection of Sweet Peppers they’re called “Rainbow blend”, and they’re from Victoriana. Hopefully I won’t get them mixed up with the chillies! A bit of a shock if I do and put them in a salad. I think I deserve a nice cup of tea, then out for a bit more.

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